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My prime residence is South Florida, but I travel to Salisbury monthly to see my family. Through my travels, I have tried many chiropractors in my search to be without lower back pain. When I found Dr. Hurst in Salisbury, through his meticulous and personalized care, I am happily pain free. Dr. Hurst is willing to spend extensive time and provide personal attention each time I am in his office; he truly take the time to understand patient needs. For these reasons, I continue to save my chiropractic visits for Salisbury and Dr. Hurst.

Maxine Knowles

I have been seeing Dr. Hurst since 1995. Also my wife, daughters, brother and his wife, brother in law, sister in law, and quite a few of my friends see Dr. Hurst. I have been regularly seeing chiropractors since 1964 and he ranks at the very top. I have avoided at least 2 back surgeries and shoulder surgery due to his therapy. It is milder than most people think.

Tom Speaks

I have been a patient of Dr. Hurst for eighteen years. He has been instrumental in resolving many issues for me as I age. Most recently Dr. Hurst treated a severely strained shoulder and neck muscles in a short period of time. He is always available for emergencies and his treatments start the healing process immediately and all of this without drugs. I consider his care to be preventive also as I come in once a month for general care of my systems. Dr. Hurst explains each phase of treatment. I have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family.

M. Orr

My name is Stacy and I have CP. I have been going to Dr. Hurst for about 8 years. Dr. Hurst has helped with my tight muscles especially in my feet. My toes are bent so that they curl under and Dr. Hurst has helped them to relax. i have recommended him to everone that I meet that says they have problems with their feet.


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